Mobile Wallet – The term “Wallet”

Mobile Wallet – The term “Wallet” comes from the English language and means “wallet”. In principle, a wallet is nothing else either.

Only that this purse is not to be found in reality, but in the vastness of the Internet, in this wallet virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, or other currencies can be stored. The idea behind this virtual wallet is very simple: As a user you get a code with which you can confirm your identity. Only with this code you have direct access to your currencies.

Of course, this also has a disadvantage. If you lose the code, there is almost no way to access the money. For this reason it is important to keep the documents and the code carefully. Preferably on a piece of paper hidden in a safe area within your own four walls.

The difference to Bitcoin Trader

The difference to a wallet and a mobile wallet lies in the application. A Mobile Wallet can be controlled and used from tablets and smartphones. There are already many providers offering such services.
They almost always work according to the same structure. Only with the different storable virtual currencies the different providers differ. Mobile Wallet will certainly become even more important for mobile payment in the future.

One more reason to read this wiki Bitcoin Trader in more detail and to understand the definition of the Mobile Wallet correctly. After that you can actually get to work straight away and open your own wallet with an app. It’s easy, quick and practical too!

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Own solutions or cooperations with mobile payment providers
A mobile wallet for the smartphone can be opened via an app, an integrated solution of the preferred online shop or a crypto exchange, or via a provider of mobile payment solutions. There are now many ideas, most of which are more than practical. But by definition, the choice of the virtual wallet must be carefully considered.

It is important that the virtual wallet is able to store as many virtual currencies as possible. It should also be connected to all major trading and transhipment centres. This ensures that the wallet can really do its job in full at all times.

The virtual wallet only becomes really practical when you can use it at every opportunity for payment and trading in virtual currencies. Currently, wallets that can be used via apps are one step ahead. They are significantly safer and can usually be used in many different ways. To open a Wallet you only need your bank details and the data for the connected trading centres.