Bitcoin Profit or Bitcoin Code

The development of the platform is currently in the test phase, many more features can only be read in the white paper. There is no wallet of your own yet, but there are still several alternatives to store the tokens. Nuco and his team have ambitious plans. How the blockchain should really manage to function as a bridge for all other blockchains, however, has not yet been clarified in detail. On the other hand, we have the immense potential of the Aion platform. Should the project succeed, this would solve a major problem of crypto currencies, that of compatibility. In … Continue reading Bitcoin Profit or Bitcoin Code

Online Wallet or Hardware Wallet?

Users of mobile devices must now also ask themselves this question. There are solutions that allow the use of a hardware wallet. An Online Wallet stores the data on the Internet and uses various security codes to secure the keys. The Hardware Wallet is a bit more secure here, because the necessary keys and the key containing the definition for the identification are stored on external hardware. This can be an SD card, for example, or another storage device that is stored via USB with the tablet or smartphone. The Hardware Wallet is not quite as easy to handle as … Continue reading Online Wallet or Hardware Wallet?