Cardano and ADA | Information about the project

Cardano has only recently entered the top 10 crypto currencies. But this project has existed for much longer. 2014 saw the start of the blockchain-based project, which aims to explore and solve current difficulties of the blockchain.

What’s the Bitcoin revolution?

Cardano is a security-oriented Bitcoin revolution platform for distributed applications and smart contracts, similar to Ethereum. However, Cardano differs from other blockchain projects because Cardano is the first project to emerge from a scientific philosophy and is based on academic research.

Individual citizens and governments should benefit from the project. Cardano tries to strike a fair balance between regulation, privacy and decentralization in order to satisfy all parties.

The Cardano platform uses the programming language „Haskell“. Haskell is regarded as one of the most secure programming languages, resulting in fewer errors and a more robust platform.

What is so special about the Bitcoin code?

The Bitcoin code platform uses layers to make the system more flexible and scalable than other crypto currencies. It also makes it easier and more secure to update and update the Bitcoin code system. This, combined with the fact that Cardano was born from a scientific idea and is based on research, as well as the simple and robust programming language, makes Cardano special.

The team behind the idea
The team is divided into three different companies. Each company is responsible for a specific area and the companies act independently.

Foundation: The Cardano Foundation, based in Switzerland, was established to oversee and drive the development of Cardano.
IOHK (Input Output HK): The company was contracted to develop and implement the platform.
Emurgo: This company was founded to enter into strategic and business partnerships for the implementation of Cardano.

Buy Cardano (ADA)
The current best exchange for Cardano (ADA) purchases is the Binance* exchange. You can create a user account in just a few minutes – but of course always with a secure password and two-factor authentication! The good thing about Binance* is that you don’t need verification if you want to pay out less than the equivalent of two Bitcoins.