Aion Coin – Next Generation Network

Aion Coin – Next Generation Network

– Aion Coin – is the crypto currency of the platform of the same name, which aims to connect almost all blockchains and PCs in the world. The project describes itself as a “third generation blockchain network”, whereby the previous generation is the Internet as we know it. The project is still at an early stage of development. Is it worth buying?

Aion Coin – What is this crypto currency?
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Aion Coin – What is Bitcoin Profit

Aion Coin is a utility token needed to access the Aion platform. The token is the primary means of payment within the network and is used to pay for the services on the platform. It should also serve as an incentive to use the platform. The Aion Token is also used to create custom blockchains that are compatible with the network.

The actual focus of development is on the Aion network. This network should solve a fundamental problem of blockchains: The incompatibility. Many of the blockchains stand on their own and are not able to interact with other blockchains and applications onlinebetrug and this system Bitcoin Profit outside their own system. This results in a limited range of applications and often also the reluctance of companies to use crypto currencies.

In order for a software to be used by a broad mass of people, it must also be compatible with other programs. Just think of Windows and how easy it is to run almost all kinds of software on it. The network not only wants to connect the most different blockchains with each other, but also the private computers of the people should be connected with each other via the platform.

Aion is to serve as a bridge for the different blockchains, so that these data can exchange with each other. Crypto currencies are ultimately also data. Therefore, it should also be possible on the platform to exchange crypto currencies with each other and carry out transactions. It is important to the developers that data always comply with legal regulations. This ensures free and secure data traffic. Basically, the blockchain will work with the proof-of-work method, but for patients and their health data a proof-of-intelligence will be applied.

The development team is currently in phase 1, which will continue until mid-2018. As Testnet 1.0, the platform is not yet available to the public, but there is no data on when the Mainnet will be launched. The token is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum. In the course of development, however, a separate blockchain with its own crypto currency is to be created. The coins should then be exchanged 1:1 from one blockchain to the other.

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Aion Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?
The development is carried out by a Canadian company based in Toronto. The company is called Nuco and already has a high reputation in the crypto world. Nuco is one of the founding members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. This was founded by IT companies with the aim of promoting the standardization of smart contracts and also to exchange information about new technologies based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Nuco has other members, including Microsoft and Intel. The head of Aion Coin is Matthew Spoke. He is also the leader of Nuco and a board member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Prior to that, he started his career in the development of blockchains with Deloitte. Bancor, Blockchain Opportunity Fund, Deloitte, Blockchange, Ripple Ventures, Wanchain, YouBi, Metaverse and other companies have already been won as partners.