Cardano and ADA | Information about the project

Cardano has only recently entered the top 10 crypto currencies. But this project has existed for much longer. 2014 saw the start of the blockchain-based project, which aims to explore and solve current difficulties of the blockchain.

What’s the Bitcoin revolution?

Cardano is a security-oriented Bitcoin revolution platform for distributed applications and smart contracts, similar to Ethereum. However, Cardano differs from other blockchain projects because Cardano is the first project to emerge from a scientific philosophy and is based on academic research.

Individual citizens and governments should benefit from the project. Cardano tries to strike a fair balance between regulation, privacy and decentralization in order to satisfy all parties.

The Cardano platform uses the programming language “Haskell”. Haskell is regarded as one of the most secure programming languages, resulting in fewer errors and a more robust platform.

What is so special about the Bitcoin code?

The Bitcoin code platform uses layers to make the system more flexible and scalable than other crypto currencies. It also makes it easier and more secure to update and update the Bitcoin code system. This, combined with the fact that Cardano was born from a scientific idea and is based on research, as well as the simple and robust programming language, makes Cardano special.

The team behind the idea
The team is divided into three different companies. Each company is responsible for a specific area and the companies act independently.

Foundation: The Cardano Foundation, based in Switzerland, was established to oversee and drive the development of Cardano.
IOHK (Input Output HK): The company was contracted to develop and implement the platform.
Emurgo: This company was founded to enter into strategic and business partnerships for the implementation of Cardano.

Buy Cardano (ADA)
The current best exchange for Cardano (ADA) purchases is the Binance* exchange. You can create a user account in just a few minutes – but of course always with a secure password and two-factor authentication! The good thing about Binance* is that you don’t need verification if you want to pay out less than the equivalent of two Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Gold network still suffers after the attack

Bitcoin Gold is an interesting experiment. This Hardfork from Bitcoin had high ambitions in the beginning. But it looks like things aren’t going so well. Mining is almost centralized, so the ecosystem is exposed to a serious threat.

The Bitcoin Gold Network Problems according to

In the world of crypto currency, several problems can affect any network like shown here: The so-called 51% attack is one of the worst scenarios. It means that someone controls most of the processing power of the blockchain. This puts transactions, payments and decentralization at great risk.

In the case of Bitcoin Gold, the person controlling the network has malicious intentions. The ability to manipulate transactions has far-reaching negative consequences for the entire Bitcoin Gold infrastructure.

This applies in particular to mining pools, crypto exchanges and wallet providers that operate with Bitcoin Gold. So far it is unclear how much damage has been done. Any transaction transmitted over the network can be manipulated. In the worst case, the transmission is not even accepted by the network.

Not the first Ethereum code

Although this latest case is a major cause for concern, it is not the only one. Since the release of BTG, there have been many concerns and technical problems. Attacks in the sense of double spending Ethereum code have been present for a week.

Double Spending means that a Bitcoin Gold can be spent several times. In the past there have been problems due to mining at BTG. Despite the hard fork from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold has not inherited the security and strength.

At the moment every crypto exchange has to be careful. Any platform that accepts Bitcoin Gold deposits without additional verification is at immense risk. Ensuring that all deposits are cleared and legitimate is the only way to counteract this. It is likely that most crypto exchanges will suspend trading Bitcoin gold because the risk is too great.

This is not the first time that smaller crypto currencies have been affected by such attacks. Verge has recently faced several attacks. Bitcoin and Ethereum will hardly suffer from such problems in the foreseeable future, because the hash performance is enormous and it would prove difficult and above all cost-intensive to acquire 51% of the hash performance. Ethereum will switch to Proof of Stake in the long run anyway.

Bitcoin Profit or Bitcoin Code

The development of the platform is currently in the test phase, many more features can only be read in the white paper. There is no wallet of your own yet, but there are still several alternatives to store the tokens. Nuco and his team have ambitious plans. How the blockchain should really manage to function as a bridge for all other blockchains, however, has not yet been clarified in detail.

On the other hand, we have the immense potential of the Aion platform. Should the project succeed, this would solve a major problem of crypto currencies, that of compatibility. In addition, the company is supported by well-known IT giants such as Microsoft. The forecast looks good, because behind the network is a competent team with a solution for real problems in the area of crypto currencies.

Bitcoin Profit – Development – Forecast

The token could be traded for the first time before the turn of the year 2018. At that time the exchange rate was between € 4 and € 5. In the first days of January the course went uphill, the token reached values of between 7 € and 9 €. The price has the largest trading volume then Bitcoin Profit fell to €4 from the second half of January and fell even further afterwards. In February 2018 the Aion Coin course stayed above 2 € and could also jump above 3 €. In March, the share price even fell below € 2 at times. From April the token was able to make up its losses a little bit and wrote down more than 3 € here.
Aion Coin Forecast: The price is likely to remain in this segment for a while. It’s not unlikely that he’ll rise again, but he’ll probably only make really big leaps again when there are new messages about the development of the network. New news is always well received by investors. Buying Aion Coin is especially cheap at the moment, at the same time there is definitely still a lot of room for improvement.
Create Wallet
An own Aion Wallet does not yet exist, but will certainly follow. Since the token is an ERC-20 token, it can be stored on all wallets that can store tokens based on Ethereum. These include the online wallets Jaxx and MyEtherWallet and also the hardware wallets Nano S and Trezor.

Where can I buy the Bitcoin Code

There are several Exchanges where you can buy the Aion Coin. Binance currently Bitcoin Code has the largest trading volume of Aion Tokens and is also one of the most popular Exchanges. Apart from that, there are Liqui, LATOKEN, KuCoin, the Bancor Network and Koinex. Usually you have to exchange the coin for the crypto currencies Bitcoin and Ether.

Aion Coin could revolutionize the way we use blockchains by bringing the individual blockchains together and allowing the exchange of data between them. But there is still a long way to go, because the development of the platform is still in its infancy.

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Aion Coin – Next Generation Network

Aion Coin – Next Generation Network

– Aion Coin – is the crypto currency of the platform of the same name, which aims to connect almost all blockchains and PCs in the world. The project describes itself as a “third generation blockchain network”, whereby the previous generation is the Internet as we know it. The project is still at an early stage of development. Is it worth buying?

Aion Coin – What is this crypto currency?
Who is the crypto currency?
pros and cons
Aion Coin Course – Development – Forecast
Create Wallet
Where can I buy the Aion Coin?

Aion Coin – What is Bitcoin Profit

Aion Coin is a utility token needed to access the Aion platform. The token is the primary means of payment within the network and is used to pay for the services on the platform. It should also serve as an incentive to use the platform. The Aion Token is also used to create custom blockchains that are compatible with the network.

The actual focus of development is on the Aion network. This network should solve a fundamental problem of blockchains: The incompatibility. Many of the blockchains stand on their own and are not able to interact with other blockchains and applications onlinebetrug and this system Bitcoin Profit outside their own system. This results in a limited range of applications and often also the reluctance of companies to use crypto currencies.

In order for a software to be used by a broad mass of people, it must also be compatible with other programs. Just think of Windows and how easy it is to run almost all kinds of software on it. The network not only wants to connect the most different blockchains with each other, but also the private computers of the people should be connected with each other via the platform.

Aion is to serve as a bridge for the different blockchains, so that these data can exchange with each other. Crypto currencies are ultimately also data. Therefore, it should also be possible on the platform to exchange crypto currencies with each other and carry out transactions. It is important to the developers that data always comply with legal regulations. This ensures free and secure data traffic. Basically, the blockchain will work with the proof-of-work method, but for patients and their health data a proof-of-intelligence will be applied.

The development team is currently in phase 1, which will continue until mid-2018. As Testnet 1.0, the platform is not yet available to the public, but there is no data on when the Mainnet will be launched. The token is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum. In the course of development, however, a separate blockchain with its own crypto currency is to be created. The coins should then be exchanged 1:1 from one blockchain to the other.

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Aion Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?
The development is carried out by a Canadian company based in Toronto. The company is called Nuco and already has a high reputation in the crypto world. Nuco is one of the founding members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. This was founded by IT companies with the aim of promoting the standardization of smart contracts and also to exchange information about new technologies based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Nuco has other members, including Microsoft and Intel. The head of Aion Coin is Matthew Spoke. He is also the leader of Nuco and a board member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Prior to that, he started his career in the development of blockchains with Deloitte. Bancor, Blockchain Opportunity Fund, Deloitte, Blockchange, Ripple Ventures, Wanchain, YouBi, Metaverse and other companies have already been won as partners.

Online Wallet or Hardware Wallet?

Users of mobile devices must now also ask themselves this question. There are solutions that allow the use of a hardware wallet. An Online Wallet stores the data on the Internet and uses various security codes to secure the keys.

The Hardware Wallet is a bit more secure here, because the necessary keys and the key containing the definition for the identification are stored on external hardware. This can be an SD card, for example, or another storage device that is stored via USB with the tablet or smartphone. The Hardware Wallet is not quite as easy to handle as the mobile alternative. The Hardware Wallet is considered to be significantly more secure.

The storage of relevant and important data on external devices makes the use of the Wallet even more secure. This is a clear advantage for the user, which cannot be dismissed from the hand.

How to open Bitcoin Trader on the mobile device

Depending on the type of wallet you need the right equipment to open the wallet. This can be an app, or the corresponding hardware. To create the key you have to register first.

With the app, this is done by downloading the app and completing the registration process. Most apps offer their own detailed steps for this. Online shops and browser-based solutions usually go through a regular registration process. Once Bitcoin Trader is completed , the Wallet is successfully opened.

In both cases, the key that is generated must be noted and stored securely. With a Hardware Wallet, the definition is simply downloaded and saved after the registration has been completed. Afterwards you can upload the definition again if necessary Bitcoin Trader, and so open your wallet for use.
In many cases, you will also need your own bank details for the opening. This is still quite new, because until recently it was rarely possible to mix virtual currencies with real currencies. However, there are already some banking institutions that allow an exchange and the direct transfer of virtual currencies. A clear advantage for the users.

Mobile Payment App

Using the Wallet correctly
To be able to use the Mobile Wallet, you need the definition generated as the key. In the case of a hardware wallet, this must be uploaded and verified again via app or browser.

For other solutions, entering the key is sufficient to use the Wallet for transfers and to successfully identify oneself. It is quite possible that further security measures will be taken by the provider. These can be PINs, but also other options for separate verification. This may be a bit cumbersome, but it is a good thing, especially for large sums of money, with which the security of the wallet is once again significantly increased.
Opening the wallet is child’s play, and its use is no less easy. The advantage of a mobile wallet is that you can use it for your own purposes virtually at any time and anywhere in the world. There are many different providers offering individual and tailor-made solutions for the users.
Often the services are also available free of charge, whereby the use and development of the offer is financed by fees. Here it is worth taking a look at the scale of charges and a direct comparison of the costs. This way you can not only pay mobile, but also save money at the same time.

Mobile Wallet – The term “Wallet”

Mobile Wallet – The term “Wallet” comes from the English language and means “wallet”. In principle, a wallet is nothing else either.

Only that this purse is not to be found in reality, but in the vastness of the Internet, in this wallet virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, or other currencies can be stored. The idea behind this virtual wallet is very simple: As a user you get a code with which you can confirm your identity. Only with this code you have direct access to your currencies.

Of course, this also has a disadvantage. If you lose the code, there is almost no way to access the money. For this reason it is important to keep the documents and the code carefully. Preferably on a piece of paper hidden in a safe area within your own four walls.

The difference to Bitcoin Trader

The difference to a wallet and a mobile wallet lies in the application. A Mobile Wallet can be controlled and used from tablets and smartphones. There are already many providers offering such services.
They almost always work according to the same structure. Only with the different storable virtual currencies the different providers differ. Mobile Wallet will certainly become even more important for mobile payment in the future.

One more reason to read this wiki Bitcoin Trader in more detail and to understand the definition of the Mobile Wallet correctly. After that you can actually get to work straight away and open your own wallet with an app. It’s easy, quick and practical too!

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Own solutions or cooperations with mobile payment providers
A mobile wallet for the smartphone can be opened via an app, an integrated solution of the preferred online shop or a crypto exchange, or via a provider of mobile payment solutions. There are now many ideas, most of which are more than practical. But by definition, the choice of the virtual wallet must be carefully considered.

It is important that the virtual wallet is able to store as many virtual currencies as possible. It should also be connected to all major trading and transhipment centres. This ensures that the wallet can really do its job in full at all times.

The virtual wallet only becomes really practical when you can use it at every opportunity for payment and trading in virtual currencies. Currently, wallets that can be used via apps are one step ahead. They are significantly safer and can usually be used in many different ways. To open a Wallet you only need your bank details and the data for the connected trading centres.

Justin Sun’s Tron Tweet creates unrest

In the world of the crypto currency, people’s minds are often divided. With so many different opinions and “personalities”, conflicts are inevitable. Justin Sun, founder of the Tron Foundation, has attracted the attention of Vitalik Buterin.

Justin Suns – The Trigger Tweet
Earlier this week, the founder of the Tron Foundation, Justin Sun, posted on Twitter about Tron’s benefits. He claims his product is superior to Ethereum in many ways. It has a higher transaction throughput, no fees and constant coin combustion. Additionally, the programming language Java is used, which is more common than Solidity.

Justin Sun

Why #TRON is better than #ETH: 1. 10000TPS vs. 25TPS 2. zero fee vs. high fee 3. consistent Coinburn vs. no coinburn 4. Java vs. Solidity 5. strong extensibility vs. no ex. 6. 1 billion USD developers rewards vs. no plan 7. 100 million users vs. small number #TRX $TRX

11:05 – Apr 6 2018
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While strictly speaking, these statements are correct, Tron currently has little more than a test network. The test net was only released a week ago. For a multi-billion dollar project, Tron had no working code for several months. Ethereum, on the other hand, has been around for several years.

It is always easy to say that a new project is better when someone else has laid the foundations. Although Ethereum is far from perfect, it is not comparable to Tron. It makes no sense to compare the two, as they are very different from each other. This does not mean that they cannot be successful in the long run. There are still many challenges for both teams to master.

Vitalik Buterin takes it personally
Although most people think Vitalik Buterin was always friendly, his Twitter answer was not without. Buterin pointed out that Tron is better at copying existing white papers than Ethereum.



Justin Sun

– 6 Apr. 2018
Why #TRON is better than #ETH: 1. 10000TPS vs. 25TPS 2. zero fee vs. high fee 3. consistent Coinburn vs. no coinburn 4. Java vs. Solidity 5. strong extensibility vs. no ex. 6. 1 billion USD developers rewards vs. no plan 7. 100 million users vs. small number #TRX $TRX


Vitality Non-giver of Ether

8th Better white paper writing capability (Ctrl+C + Ctrl+V much higher efficiency than keyboard typing new content)

11:53 – Apr 6 2018
2,053 users talk about it
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Ethereum has been solid in technical terms for several years. Tron still has a lot to prove, although her test net seems to hold up pretty well. A test network is not the same as a main network with thousands of users. In addition, it remains to be seen whether Tron will ever be able to test its massive transaction throughput in a real scenario.

Krypto – Enthusiasts and developers should work together instead of teasing unnecessary marketing tweets. At the moment Tron, without a functioning Main network, is not in the same league as Ethereum.